Payments & Invoices

Enabling digital online payments, invoicing for an online application

Start up in US

About the project

A start-up in the US wanted to integrate multiple payment gateways on their online B2B SaaS portal to collect payments for their services from their customers through Credit cards & Debit cards. They wanted the system to utilize online payments, reconcile transactions and charge the customers using their authorization.


The new system should provide ways to accept cards on the existing web application, authorize, and charge while ensuring that the payments and the transactions are secure. The payment gateways to be supported had varied integrations, some providing purely backend authorizations where the cards’ authorizations had come through PoS terminals, while some other providing client-side widget based authorizations on the UI.


The existing B2B product was built on an AWS solution. C4Scale researched on problem scope, requirements and built an innovative generic solution to handle multiple payment gateways using a secure API layer on AWS. The architecture and the solution uses a mix of AWS Amplify, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, React.js, Node.js Backend, API Gateways, JWT, RDS (PostgreSQL), DNS/Route53, AWS KMS, Cognito etc. The portal accepts the payments from multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, Tempus etc.

Sample Features built

  • Rich UI widgets that provided payment authorization flows.
  • UI interface that enable payment keys configuration.
  • End-to-end encryption of data flows.
  • Reconcile Transactions, Automatic charges, Invoice generation.
  • Technologies used


    Online Payments, Reconciliation & Invoices feature was built in < 10 weeks end-to-end. 40% of overall customer’s revenues were collected through Online Payments. 30% revenue month-by-month increase in topline since this payment feature was released.

    "Our customers were looking for an innovative and unique ways to collect payment and flexibility was key. C4Scale helped us execute on the idea we had to support our clients' diverse requirements, but also simplify our backend management. C4scale brought our idea to life."

    Testimony from Startup Founder

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