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C4Scale builds your products, @ Scale!

C4Scale helps startups and enterprises to build software products on the cloud.

GenAI Solutions that works for you

We simplify Generative AI so your organization benefits from powerful AI tools. We automate business workflows across verticals like finance, industrial. We possess extensive GenAI experience.

Custom ChatBots, LLM Integrations

Powerful, cost-effective solutions need experts like us. Be it AI/LLM model finetuning, quantization, LLM integrations, Ethical & Responsible AI ChatBot applications that powers search from knowledge bases, we make generative AI work for you.

Scale and expand your product

We understand what it takes to expand your product to millions of users & more. Infra, Services, Security, Compliance are known to us while we scale your existing systems

Build your product

From ideation to MVP, MVP to destination, we build it and bring it to your market.

Platformize your existing systems

Accelerate growth, reduce costs, streamline operations, foster innovation by platformizing your existing systems to provide more value for your product teams. We build Data, Analytics, application platforms on the cloud.

Logistics, Food & Restaurants

Order management, delivery, web/app notifications, mobile apps, payment gateway integrations and more

Education/Learning, Health & Fitness

E-learning solutions, content management, medical-applications, listing, searches etc.

Retail, Travel & Fashion

Product development solutions to manage orders, listing, searches, reviews for your users

Some of our work

Building a B2B SaaS Subscription
Start up in US

A web application built on the cloud to manage fleet rentals & subscriptions

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What we do

Custom AI Solutions

Automate your tasks, improve bottom line efficiencies & recoup capacity for growth. We have extensive experience with customizing, training, fine-tuning and deploying Chat/LLM technologies including building on GPT, LLama, Mistral & other open source LLM models.

Data & Analytics

Build a data platform enabling the organization to mine value & deeper insights through the analytics chain.

Product Development

End-to-end product development, custom applications on the web, mobile app & maintenance

Cloud Transformation

Unique workload demands needs multi-cloud environment

Staff Augmentation

Get World class talent to work with your team and scale your engineering execution

Fractional CTO

A technology vision, strategy & execution partner that aligns with your product value proposition & goals and bring it to your users .


On a mission to extend the tech capabilities

Building planet scale software systems is our passion and expertise, delivering impact & value.

C4Scale are People First Company! We are efficient in writing code that matters!

Our motive is to bring opportunities across the globe to top talent. We do this by tapping into engineering talent nurturing them to do high impact, meaningful work.

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