Building a B2B SaaS Subscription

A web application built on the cloud to manage fleet rentals & subscriptions

Start up in US

About the project

In a B2B setting, a start-up in the US has multiple partners (enterprise customers) who have fleets/vehicles for hire. They wanted a subscription based management system where the partner fleet enterprises can rent their fleet/vehicles for a subscription service online. The product should also reconcile charges automatically including ancillary services and charges from a single platform.


The fleet operations team, with every customer, needed a web application portal where they can login, manage fleets, create subscriptions, contracts, fleets, customer details and issue receipts.


We developed a hybrid innovative solution in AWS. This solution is a B2B SaaS Web Application Portal that provides management of subscription contracts and fleets. The enterprises can login and accept subscriptions.

Sample Features built

  • Signup, Login & Manage Fleets.
  • Create Subscriptions & Contracts.
  • Platform to auto reconcile and produce receipts for all charges on the portal for the vehicle and the customer.
  • Technologies used


    Subscription Product was built in < 12 weeks end-to-end in AWS, with a very high end user satisfaction. We continue to maintain the end-to-end product including the AWS Infrastructure.

    "This solution helped us solve an important and growing issue in the gig-economy. Agility and outside the box thinking was needed and C4scale delivered. We are extremely happy with the results."

    Testimony from Startup Founder

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