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Product Development Teams

This model is relevant if you’re an enterprise, entrepreneur or a start up with a high vision to build a product however you need a dedicated team to build it on your behalf. Some of the situations that leads to this model:

  • You need to prototype an idea and find market fit
  • You have a prototype and you want to build a complete product with a mobile app and/or a website, backend
  • You need to scale from 0 to 1
  • You need to scale from 1 to destination

Extended Team/Staff Augmentation

You have software development processes & teams already in place and now you need to scale your existing teams. You are looking for specialists to fill in gaps in expertise/skills in your teams. This situation may arise if:

  • You’ve budgeted constraints but need to scale the throughput and therefore need high quality expertise for a fair price
  • You have shortage of talent supply

In this case, we support you to fulfill your needs by:

  • providing skilled, technology experts that have high industry standards
  • Recruiting and filling these roles based on your requirements

This also means that you have complete control over the product architecture, SDLC processes, tooling, project delivery etc.

Remote/Onsite Teams

This model applies if you have long-term projects and want to have dedicated teams working on them. As an example a full stack team with front-end & backend developers and a scrum master to drive development, test phases in an agile way & managing project delivery. This can be a self-sustaining remote team and flexible to work in times overlapping your timezone.

You can consider this as your cross-functional team working along with other teams of yours. In this case there may be shared responsibility in owning from gathering requirements to architecture/design/implementation.

Benefits of choosing C4Scale

Flexible hiring!

C4Scale allows you to elastically resize teams based on your needs.

Lean Agile

Our engineers understand the rationale of lean teams and agile. Rapid, Iterative development with commitment are our key principles

Highly Competent for a fair price!

Global standards at a fair price! Our hiring bars are high as we know what is committed, dedicated, professional competent talent means.

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